Believe in belief

I’ve been feeling very philosophical the past few weeks. The other morning, I was pondering my motivation as a writer. It was a little weak that day–my belief in myself wavering a tad, as can happen from time to time. I grabbed myself by the metaphorical lapels, gave my psyche a good shake, and asked “Well, if you don’t believe in yourself who else is going to? What do you believe in, Hames!?”

My mind presented me with a multitude of answers, one tumbling over the next in a great flood.

I believe in magic, God, and the law of attraction. I believe in science and aliens, and that the universe is far more simple than we imagine and more complex than we hope. I believe that every faith is beautiful. I believe that lack of faith is beautiful too, for it takes a kind of courage I cannot understand. 

I believe in belief, and if the self is the only thing that you believe in, then I believe in you.

Well. All righty, then. I guess I’ll just go get cracking on that second draft and continue to be awesome.


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