Rerun: My desk, my space

I am currently rereading a book called “A Writer’s Space,” (by Eric Maisel, Ph.D.) which is all about creating and maintaining physical, emotional and creative space for your writing. I highly recommend it. The following bit of advice from Maisel seems really obvious, but I find myself forgetting this every time I sit down at the computer, lately.

“The next time you worry your brain about whether you can write, slap yourself hard. Everyone can write. Your worry should be whether you are brave enough to vanish into the depths of your neuronal circuitry and come back with creations. You are a diver, not a writer; an explorer, not a writer; an inventor, not a writer; a magician, not a writer.”

I get so wrapped up in picking the right words and putting them in the right order, sometimes I forget to just be creative. I forget to let go of the “inner editor” and just let the characters and the scene take over.  I don’t know why I do that, since it’s such a rush to just let things flow–to let the characters surprise me and take me down paths I didn’t think of going down.

So, my challenge for you, my doves, is to pick a creative activity in the next week or so and just create. Let go. Manifest your muse. Then, report your results here: I’d like to hear what kind of creations you ambushed your fine selves with.


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