Rerun: What is Agent Query?

Hello, my doves! I’d like to talk to you about that wonderful site, Agent Query today. I know I’ve mentioned it before on the blog as a resource, but I’d like to go a little more in-depth about the site.

I first discovered the site typing in “how to find an agent” on Google, which is pretty much where I start everything. Once I discovered the site, it was like I had been given a telescope and could finally see the craters on the moon.

The site is a searchable database listing agents and publishers. The basic search involves selecting a fiction or nonfiction genre and reviewing the results. They also have an advanced search option that allows you to narrow the results down by who is accepting queries, if he or she is a member of the Association of Author’s Representatives, and who is seeking new clients.

Once you land on a results page, agent and publisher listings include websites, email address, physical addresses, genre listings and solicitation status. You can also choose to view a full profile with more detailed information.

In addition to agent and publisher listings, Agent Query provides a page for other resources, as well as tips on how to write a query letter and “writer beware” essays. All in all, it’s an excellent one-stop shop for beginning writers especially, as well as crunched-for-time professional authors.

Jeanne Bowerman wrote a nice little piece on Write On Online that goes into the nitty-gritty of the reliability of the site as well as users friendliness.

George Angus from Tumblemoose also wrote a nice review on the site if you just plain don’t believe me.

But you know what’s the best thing I discovered about Agent Query? It now has a social media platform: Agent Query Connect (

Please excuse me while I go investigate this new shiny toy.

Do you all have any writing related databases to share?


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