Be jealous. Be fabulous.

Want to know a secret? shifty eyes Come in closer. That’s it, a little closer. Okay, there, that’s good.

Someone, somewhere is jealous of you.

That’s right. At any given moment there is at least one person in the world that is jealous of your looks, your talent, your relationships and your lifestyle.

Think about it. How many times has someone eyed that pair of shoes you’re wearing? Or remarked on how your hair is always perfect? It’s a good feeling.

Sometimes, that knowledge–the knowledge of someone’s jealousy–may be the only thing that gets you through the day, and that’s fine. Cling to that thought like a lifeboat off the Titanic if you have to. It isn’t very enlightened, or kind, but it makes you feel good.

So let the haters hate on, because you’re fucking fabulous.

Hey, are you jealous of someone now? Good. Take that, make it the fuel for your awesomeness. Tell that person how much you are inspired by his accomplishments or style. Because it would be the truth. Everyone wins!

Jealousy is motivation.

I mean, let’s face it. There is always someone better than you at something, and if for one shining moment you’re the best, then there will be someone hot on your heels to take that title away.

But that’s okay. It’s necessary. Greatness is built on the shoulders of those that came before. So, if you’re jealous of your buddy because he is a literary genius and a stellar human being to boot, well then, use him as an example. Look at the bar he set, and aim higher.

Strive to be better–not because you want to “show him up,” or out of some misplaced sense of revenge, but simply because it will make you better. Let your jealousy be a measuring stick for your greatness. Let it motivate you to do more. Be more.

Here’s an exercise for you:

Go on Facebook, or Twitter, or comment on a blog and find that person you are jealous of and secretly admire. Fortify yourself with food or beverage of choice and then say “I am jealous of you because ___ , and it’s made me better at ___ because I want to be just as good as you are. You’re awesome.”

And on days when you can’t do that, well. Just remember someone feels the same about you.


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