Rerun: Stream of Consciousness

This is another blast from the past from my old blog, right around when “Iron Man 2” came out. In other news, who is excited for “Avengers” coming out on DVD in September? Just me? Right. Well…uh, on to the blog post:

Today, I would like to talk to you about stream-of-consciousness writing. It’s really quite easy. Start with one topic, and then just write out where your thoughts lead.

It’s a good exercise for when you’re upset about something, as it can reveal the root of the problem and help you come to a solution, or distract you enough to realize what you were upset about was really silly.

It can also be incredibly amusing if you’re in a silly mood already. Or it can give you ideas for writing more structured pieces of text.

I also like to call this kind of writing “bunny trail thoughts.” (Ask me about “grasshopper thoughts” later.)

Catalyst: I read an article on CNN about how Hugh Hefner donated a large sum of money to help keep the land behind the Hollywood sign intact, and pristine. In the picture accompanying the article, he was wearing a red shirt, which reminded me of his signature red bathrobe.

Thoughts: Hefner was in Iron Man!

He was wearing that red satin robe. He was also wearing sunglasses, but Hef doesn’t normally sport those OH MY GOD that’s right—that wasn’t Hefner! That was Stan Lee, comic book creator-deity-extraordinaire!


by Edward Liu

Image found here on Wikimedia Commons

 Aw, remember when Tony Stark patted him on the shoulder and he looked so bewildered? That look was the same one he had in the “Iron Man 2” themed Dr Pepper commercial I saw last night. Man, I’m thirsty. Lord, is Robert Downey Jr. hot for being in his forties.

Hello, Rob daahling, won’t you come and sit by me on this cushy couch in yon dimly lit room and share a refreshing Dr Pepper?


So, how about that random sports team?

Please note: stream-of-consciousness does not have to be pretty, or make much sense at all. It can also go something like: I love writing! Hey, wanna go ride bikes? Wow, I could write about bikes! Ooh, look a BUTTERFLY!

It really is an ideal writing format for those hyped up on caffeine or enjoying symptoms of insanity, as you are just writing out whatever the heck pops into that pretty little head of yours. Try it sometime, and see what ideas you come up with.

What are some other ways you generate ideas for writing? Tell me in the comments!


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