Best of the Spidereen Frigate

Hello, my doves! Here’s a little roundup of the “best” posts on my blog so far. Thank you all for following, reading, and generally tolerating my insanity. I am glad that there are so many kindred spirits out there on The Interwebs, and I’m very grateful that you all have chosen to listen to me.

Or at least laugh at my expense. I appreciate it.

Thanks for being here for me. Cheers.

Best of List: Version 1

1) Terror Makes Good Writing

2) Murphy’s Law

3) Flash Fiction: Gnarled Roots

4) Flash Fiction: The Vanity

5) Zombies and Storytelling (Spoilers!)

From this list I have deduced you all a) love zombies or b) love Norman Reedus. Or…I do. But I hate zombies. Except, this list proves otherwise. But they creep me out. Although, it appears they don’t.

Oh, God, identity crisis!



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