Science is winning!

Okay, so some pretty cool things have been happening since my post on Monday. For one, the good ole US of A is kicking butt in the Olympics. For another, we landed on MARS.

Here is a link to a 360 degree view Opportunity collected last year. Careful, it’ll make you dizzy. I can’t look away.

Here’s a link to some awesome artwork that made me crack up about Curiosity landing. The artist also made t-shirts!

Oh, man, I love science. And space. And Mars. I’m geeking out hardcore over here, you guys. I’m sorry, this post isn’t at all writing related. But sometimes you just have to share what makes you tick. This kind of stuff just puts me in awe. We’re all made of stars.

*geeky squeal*

In this CNN article, Greg Bear articulates what I’m feeling a little bit better than I can here.

“Why do we capital-N Nerds love Mars so much? Because it’s beautiful, it’s tough, it’s buried in our mythic, childhood memories. It’s covered with human triumphs but also with sad stories of failure. This time, the engineers and scientists are jubilant. We’re back, baby. Earth is definitely our mother, but maybe, just maybe, we’re going to learn who’s our papa.

It would be fun to be a Martian.”


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