Writer’s Block in a Room Full of Cats

Writer’s block is the bane of an author’s life. It is frustrating, agonizing, and entirely self-induced.

Writer’s block, in the traditional sense, isn’t a block at all. It is many things: doubt, burn out, fear, laziness, the subconscious realization what you’re working on isn’t actually working.

I haven’t written in two weeks, aside from this blog. Am I blocked? Pssh, no. I know exactly what I want to write. I was just burned out. I went on vacation and thought perhaps I would write there, but I did not–not until the night before I left, and then it was only a little blurb about pirates. (I was at the beach. There may have been rum.)

And then I came home and proceeded to be extraordinarily lazy. Allow me to explain to you the variety of lazy I am talking about, here. I didn’t do my hair for work, I just pulled it into a pony-tail. I neglected the dishes frequently. I avoided chores. I didn’t even unpack my suitcase. My whole self was in denial about being home, and damnit, I wasn’t going to do anything associated with my normal routine unless I absolutely had to do it.

I can feel myself going into a bit of writing withdrawal, though. As in, the less I write the less likely I’m going to apply my butt to a chair and write. It’s a vicious cycle that I alone must break.

Inevitably, the moment I sit down to write, this will land on my keyboard:

"Love me?"

And occasionally this:

“Whatcha doing?”

And that, my friends, would be the only true writer’s block. Even that goes away with a good scratch and a gentle nudge.


4 thoughts on “Writer’s Block in a Room Full of Cats

  1. I am so familiar with the ‘other things’ part of writer’s block. I’ve spent several years not writing because other things had to be taken care of first. Like needing to change the air in the tires, or rotating the potato peelers, or the like. And your cats look adorable! I’m sure they’re evil incarnate, hiding under adorable masks, like all the cats I’ve ever known were, but they wear those masks so well. 🙂

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