Critical Failure: Extraversion Overload

I can feel it happening. I can feel the spiraling of my soul into a dark, dank place deep inside of me. A cavern of bitter solitude.

If I were a submarine, I’d be on red alert. The sirens would wail. “Hull breach imminent,” the eerily calm, feminine robot would say. Sailors would be scrambling around my innards going “AAAHH, AAAAHHHHHH!!”

Oh, dearest hearts of mine, I am in a place of burn out.

My extraversion Engine is out of gas. Which is quite unfortunate, because in real life I’m pretty much booked through December.

I’ve been doing lots of things lately. I went to a wedding, which was wonderful, and then a Labor Day cookout. There was a date and a book club meeting a week before, plus all the normal weekend social activities, like drinking.

…not excessively, just socially. Social drinking. Cocktails. Yes.

This weekend, I’m having friends in from out-of-town. And the following weekend. And then there’s a big assignment for work, which will involve—gasp—speaking to multiple strangers on an individual basis. After that? More out-of-towners arrive.

Aaaaand then the holiday season begins.

I am excited to see everyone coming to my house, and I am more than glad to have them around. I love my friends, I do. I love to hang out with them.

But I have this need for balance—you know, social activity with ‘me’ activity—and I’ve tipped a little too far in the social direction. That’s okay, it happens. It’s not bad, just tiring. For me. I am an introvert by nature, and, I suppose, by trade. So I’m a little, uh…overwhelmed with my calendar at the moment.

That said, I need to restore a bit of balance. I intend to do that by taking a hiatus from the blog.

I noticed my Extraversion Gas was gone when I completely ran out of steam for the blog two weeks in a row—I was soliciting ideas from friends, and didn’t even post this past Monday. (My excuse was the holiday, but in reality, I had no fucking clue what to write.)

So, next week, there will be radio silence (read: no posts) because I have to take some time for me—to write on my stories, to come up with quality blog ideas, to enjoy time with my friends without other responsibilities, that kind of thing.

If you are feeling burned out on some level, I encourage you to take a break as well. Put aside what’s stressing you out, where you can, for a time, and take care of yourself. Find your inspiration. Have a bubble bath. Repair the hull breach.

Get gas.

And then, come back refreshed and ready to spread your awesomeness.

See you in a week, my doves!


4 thoughts on “Critical Failure: Extraversion Overload

  1. I just post fuzzy pony pictures when I need a break. You’d be amazed how long you can get away with no content if there are fuzzy ponies. In fact, page hits usually go up, which let me tell you makes me question the value of my actual writing and thoughts…

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