Fantasy Trope Beef Stew

It’s Friday, my darlings! Friday, Friday, Friday. The end of the week, the gateway to a potentially glorious weekend.

I’m in an exceedingly good mood. Autumn has officially arrived, with cooler temperatures and low humidity, and all the seasonal consumables.

Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Apple cider. Soups, stews, cornucopias of goodies filled to bursting.

I made my version of beef stew this week to celebrate the occasion. Every time I eat it, I feel like a fantasy character sitting in the common room of some inn listening to a Ranger or a wizard or recovering from a fight. I love this stew for that reason (and the fact that it’s yummy, if I do say so myself).

I love it so much, I have decided to share the “recipe” with you all. Here goes!
Fantasy Trope Beef Stew (for the Crockpot):

1 package stew beef (pre-cubed)

1 package baby carrots

1 package mushrooms of your choice (I used pre-sliced baby bellas)

1 handful of fresh green beans

2 cans condensed cream of mushroom soup

1 carton beef stock, 26 oz

1 package of Fingerling potatoes (these you’ll need to cut yourself)

Thyme, rosemary, garlic, salt, pepper, sage to taste.

Use about half the baby carrots, half the potatoes, and half the beef stock. Dump everything into the crockpot. Turn crockpot on LOW and let cook between 6-7 hours. Serve hot with your favorite bread.

I was lazy this week and just used Pillsbury biscuits, but if I were feeling fancy I would make beer bread. Beer bread is amazingly delicious, and goes well with stews of many varieties.

The bread recipe I linked to is super easy, but it calls for self rising flour. That’s just flour with baking powder and salt added in, which you can do yourself if you don’t have any on-hand. I also reduced the amount of butter you put on top of the bread before baking to about two tablespoons. The whole ¼ cup ends up dripping all over the oven and that’s just messy.

I recommend serving this meal in a rustic bowl, while seated at a rickety wooden table wearing a cloak. Perhaps share a fermented beverage of choice with your traveling companions and try to guess what that mysterious man smoking the pipe in the corner might be up to.

Now, go forth and eat!


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