Costume Chronicle I

Well. First, let me update you on my literary magazine submission: Rejected.

Sadly. Let us have a moment of silence.

Okay, moving on! Plenty of other places to submit. If you haven’t before, you need to check out Duotrope for a deliriously comprehensive database of literary magazines. It is a veritable ocean with that famed ‘plenty of fish.’ I will simply re-bait the hook, as you should, my darlings.

Now, for the fun stuff.

I received one of my costume pieces in the mail today and I was super excited. You know, until I tried it on. It was a wee bit small in all the wrong places. So, in addition to this Costume Chronicle, you will also be holding me accountable for exercise so I will look better than fabulous come the day I need to wear it.

Over the weekend, I snagged some things to make accessories:

I dig the skull. It makes me smile.

Anyone want to take some guesses on what I’ll be making? No fair if I’ve told you in real life.


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