Pimp Yo Peeps

Okay, everyone, today is the day in which I force you all to bask in the glory of others. In a tradition I stumbled upon reading the formidably bearded Chuck Wendig’s blog, I’m going to pimp out a few of my current favorite internet people. Mr. Wendig, having already been mentioned, will not be on the list.

People Made of Awesomesauce:

1) Patrick Latter, over at Canadian Hiking Photography. Homeslice is a fantastic photographer, and links to tutorials so you can try to recreate the magic. It’s not all hiking all the time, either, so that makes it interesting. Not that his hiking posts are disinteresting. He is really good about telling a story through pictures. I’m quite jealous of his skill.

2) Leah Bevan of septa fabula. She started a writing challenge for herself based on denominations of seven: one story a month for seven months. I am completely overwhelmed by just the thought of that, so you all should stop over and give her some love.

3) And then, there is Queen of the Nerds, Jen Yates, at Epbot. Some of you may have heard of her already. She’s like the Martha Stewart of all things nerdy. I want to be her friend. Jen? Do you hear me? I heart you. In a non-creepy, completely not a stalker way.

So, who would you all like to pimp out? Don’t be shy. Leave a link in the comments!


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