Vikings Fight Quick and Dirty

…just like all the other true swordsmen.

Fighting was nothing like what you see in Hollywood. You were either quick, or you were dead. Very dead, very fast.

I took a historical swordsmanship class a few years ago and learned basic stances and techniques for the two-handed sword and rapier. Our coach let us know that if you didn’t kill your opponent within (about) the first three hits, you were the one that was dead. It was a pretty cool class to take–I recommend all my fellow fantasy writers who are physically capable of taking such a class to go ahead and do that, or even just observe one.

Or, if you lack the funds or classroom opportunities, watch awesome videos like this:

Neat, huh?

Hey ladies, how about that eye candy, eh? I provide entertainment for all. Men: swords. Ladies: hot blonde guys.

I’m going have to go through their other video clips for reference on my Viking novella. Yeah. That’s why…


5 thoughts on “Vikings Fight Quick and Dirty

  1. Hilarious! I would love to take one of these classes…now I have to search for one close to me 😀 (Though I really hope my instructor isn’t cute/hot/good-looking in any way because I’m easily distracted!)

    • See, I wouldn’t be so much distracted as worried about embarrassing myself when I inevitably did something klutzy.

      Luckily, I managed to keep my feet for that class. Be advised: it can be frustrating if this is your first time fencing in any way. The targets move. Which, I find completely unfair. 😛

  2. Oh I’m eventually going to do something klutzy whether the guy is cute or not, I fall walking across flat surfaces! And while I’ve never tried fencing before, I have done some “play” sword fighting as a Scottish reenactor when I was younger so hopefully I won’t be completely lost! And you’re right, they really shouldn’t move, it just isn’t polite :p

  3. I think Hollywood misses an opportunity when drawing out a climactic fight. One of the most memorable fight scenes I’ve ever seen was in Equilibrium when John Preston killed Brandt. Maybe not realistic, but still.

    • I’ve not seen Equilibrium, I’ll have to check it out.

      I still think some of the most effective fight scenes in Hollywood are the brutally quick ones. You’re right, drawing out a fight to unrealistic proportions is a bit tiring after a while.

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