29 Things I want for my 29th

My birthday is at the end of the month, and in true egotistical writer fashion, I plan to make this entire month about me.

Well…that’s only partly true. There’s also this underlying terror of turning another year older that I intend to quell with shameless “me parties.” To kick off the birthday countdown, and to squish my rising anxiety, I have made The List!

29 Things I Want for my 29th

1)   A tiara.

2)   A pretty party dress,

3)   And a fancy dress party to go with it.

4)   Liquor.

5)   10 new followers on Twitter.

6)   10 new followers for the blog.

7)   Submit poetry to five literary magazines (counts whether they accept or not).

8)   Finish the insertion of draugar into the Viking novella.

9)   A male date, platonic or otherwise, for my fancy dress party. Flirting is required.

10) Lose five pounds.

11)  Wine.

12) Momma’s apple pie.

13) New TV-stand.

14) Window leaks: fixed.

15) A nice surprise.

16)  New haircut.

17) An exceedingly good time at my fancy dress party.

18) Someone should sing me a song other than happy birthday.

19)  Booze.

20) Stay 29 forever. (Admittedly, this may be a stretch.)

21) SAVE ALL THE SNOW LEOPARDS. Alternately, donate to a charity that works on saving all the snow leopards.

22) Ice cream.

23) Sparklers. Preferably before the drinking starts…and outside. On concrete. Safety first, people.

24)Paint my bedroom.

25) See Skyfall. Or Looper. Or any action movie, really.

26) Friends coming to my fancy dress party in actual fancy dress.

27) No cat lady/spinster jokes. I declare a complete ban. Seriously.

28) I want you to do something nice for yourself.

29) Did I mention alcohol? Because, alcohol.

I have the whole month to achieve this–I think that’s doable. I’m pretty sure I can get everything on that list, except maybe #20. But a girl can dream.


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