Happy Thanksgiving

Today, my strategic leak management system was systematically dismantled and cleaned, because, you guys, the leak is fixed, and now they are coming to fix the drywall!

I am so excited. It’s really the little things.

Also, Thanksgiving, that great American holiday of being grateful for the fact that one day a year we can totally stuff ourselves, is tomorrow. Wait, that’s not why we’re grateful? Well, what about being grateful for pie? Can I be grateful for that? Anyway. Whatever you are grateful for, I hope you have an excellent, drama free holiday. And if it’s not drama free and there are funny stories you’d like to share with the class come Friday, feel free to post in the comments.

I’m sure I’ll have a couple interesting stories to add to the klutz chronicle. I mean, there will be knives and fire involved (I have a gas stove). This holiday is comedy gold.

Happy Thanksgiving, my hearts!


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