Sober Dinner Planning

Me: What are we having for dinner?

Roomie: I dunno. What do you want?

Me: *shrug* Well, there are leftovers. Or salads. Ooh, or we could have panquakes.

Roomie: *arches eyebrow* Panquakes?

Me: Yes. *snicker* Pan–panQUAKES! Bwhahahaha. Hush. Seriously. Pancakes. We do have Biscake.

Roomie: Biscake?

(fits of laughter)

Roomie: Yes, we can make panquakes with the Biscake that we have.

Me: Ooh! *crying through the laughter* CHOWATE CHWIP PANQUAKES!

Roomie: This is so going on Facebook.

(Then, later:)

Roomie: What are you texting?

Me: Facebooking. “We call them panquakes because they’ll rock. Your. World.”


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