The Power of Pets

Last week, I had to take my cat Raven in for her vaccines. This is a no-muss, no-fuss process for the most part, she is good about being at the vet. She just doesn’t like being confined in her crate in the car. Normally, when she comes home from the vet, or the other cat, Ember comes home, there is a couple-hour or so adjustment period.



Not for Raven. Raven is 100% a-okay the moment she walks in the door. Ember, on the other hand, gets offended because her sister smells funny (or Ember smells funny). Ember will bluster for a little while, Raven will ignore her, and by the end of the night everyone is friends again.

Well, this last go around there were changes. Raven was given a new variety of rabies vaccine, which she had a slight reaction to, making her groggy and grouchy. Ember blustered as usual, and then Raven fought right back.

It was all hair, teeth and eyeballs for a few minutes. I separated them and went to sleep. The next morning, Ember was very sick with some kind of bladder issue, and she had to be taken to the vet. She was prescribed some medicine and will be fine, but oh my goodness. So much stress.

And to top it all off, the cats are still not friends. We’re experiencing a prolonged adjustment period and it is stressing. Me. Out.



My cats are my stress relief. They purr and snuggle and play. The cuddle up with me at night, one on either side. But because they are not currently friends this is not happening and I’m totally thrown off.

Can’t sleep well. Constantly worried. Tense.

I know that some people think this might be silly. They are just cats. For those of you that think I’m the crazy cat lady, that’s fine. I am nutty. Mock me if you must. For the cat–or pet–lovers out there, do me a favor? Cross your fingers these two start getting along again, like, soon. With the quickness.

Thanks in advance.


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