I made it one whole year!

WordPress kindly reminded me yesterday that it was my Blogiversary. I’ve blogged for one year straight on this platform, and I must say, I am actually proud of myself.

I have managed to keep a regular schedule with only the occasional lapse. Granted, I scaled down the number of times I post in a week, but that’s okay. I have steadily increased my followers. I have made blogger friends. I have found many a resource or exciting book release through this blogging community.

It’s been a great experience.

There are some things which I set out to do at the beginning of the year that I didn’t quite complete, such as my Viking novella. I am working on the second-ish draft, in which I am incorporating my pet mythological creature, the draugar. Another thing would be my Campaign for Awesome; I haven’t achieved all the awesome I should have, but I made a good effort and I’m not giving up yet.

There are some things I came to enjoy that I never thought I would enjoy, like zombies, and the ideals of self-publishing. I even extended some in-real-life friendships with this whole blog thing. Who knew the Internet could help with real life? Crazy.

I was considering stopping the blog all together for a little while. I told myself when I started that I had to stick it out for a full year and then I was allowed to decide if I wanted to stick with it for the foreseeable future. I may still take a bit of a hiatus because of reasons, but I like this whole blog thing.

I think I’ll keep it.


Freelance Writing: Financial Help for Hard Times

With the 11 days of government furlough arriving, and the general scramble in this economy to make ends meet, I thought this post at Brainstorms & Bylines might come in handy. Good luck and Godspeed to all of my freelancing, word-slinging writer friends out there making a living at their dream, and to all the other schmucks like me working for “the man” and moonlighting. Hang in there, my doves!

Brainstorms & Bylines

The life of a freelancer isn’t always smooth sailing.

In fact, in the past year alone, I know of one writer who lost a house, another who faces a medical crisis, and still others who have been affected by job loss due to an ever-shifting market.

Being self-employed often means doing without things our corporate-employed counterparts take for granted, like medical insurance, disability plans, and even paid vacation days. When the unexpected happens, we can be left scrambling to make ends meet and keep food on the table.

Fortunately, there are agencies out there writers can turn to for help. The following organizations offer grants, low interest/no interest loans, or other forms of financial aid for writers in distress. Please do your homework carefully before contacting any of these groups, and bear in mind that while I’m sharing this information as a resource for you, I am not endorsing any…

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1,000 Words XII: Beach Cat

Beach Cat



This little dude wandered up to the beach house I was staying in at Holden Beach, N.C., one year right after a rain storm cleared out. He was a stray, just house-hopping, getting some love and maybe possibly food where he could. It was the first and the last time we saw him that week. Like a little furry ghost. He epitomized the beach-aura, though. Laid back, friendly, scruffy–a tad sunburned around the ears.

I miss that feeling in my life (aside from the sunburn part. I do not miss sunburns, ever.) Are you all missing any particular feeling in your life? Relaxation? Or maybe urgency? Stimulation? Or would you rather be slightly bored? Let me know.

The Escape

Around Easter, I had the following text conversation with a friend.

Me: My round candies are escaping! AAAHHH!

Friend: Woman, keep your candy in line!

Me: WE’VE GOT A ROLLER. It’s okay, I caught it before it could get far.

Friend: Good. Punish the rebel as an example to the others.

Me: Oh, I did.

That conversation led to me making the following video as an experiment for work. I was testing out new camera equipment and toying with new ways to tell stories. This is what’s known as a multi-media piece. Please enjoy.

How else do you all tell stories? In what ways do you experiment to keep your writing fresh? Link back to your Other Techniques in the comments.