David the Disappeared

You know what’s quite annoying? Waking from a dream at a crucial moment and not knowing what happens.

I’m not talking saved-by-the-alarm-bell moments, like where you’re about to die/get eaten/are falling in your dream and your alarm jerks you awake just in time to avert a tragic dream end. No, I’m talking about the kinds where you’re on a quest and don’t find the object before the dream ends or something.

You go to sleep the next night (or back to sleep if you deciding to ignore your alarm) and hope the dream continues, and it doesn’t.

That ticks me off.

I have an example. I’m going to call it “The Fairy Tale.”

Setting: Nighttime in a random field surrounded by woods. In this giant field is some kind log cabin off to one side, and in the center is a giant wooden tower. This tower resembles the shape of those big honking industrial power line supports. It is also surrounded by briar. And the top of it is on fire.

The dream starts. I am around fifteen to twenty feet away from the edge of the tower. I have two friends behind me, who are personified as Belle and Aurora–but the versions from the show Once Upon a Time, not the Disney cartoons. Someone is entering the tower, pushing through the briar. It’s a man, with dark hair, dressed in modern clothes. His back is to me.

I am screaming at the top of my lungs for him to stop. “David!” (That was weird, the fact the he had a recognizable name that I said, versus just an implied persona) I screamed for him a couple of times, but he couldn’t hear me, and Belle and Aurora where holding me back.

The tower, apparently, was evil. It turns your friends against you. David was going in to get his brothers as part of a quest of some kind, something only he and his brothers could complete. He enters the tower and I freak right on out, shaking off the girls and scrambling after him.

I chase him up the tower, Belle and Aurora on my heels–no one wanted anyone else to get hurt, so we all ended up in the tower. I stop on the platform just below the flaming platform at the top and see David and his two brothers, now dressed as fairy tale princes, complete with swords, leap from the top of the tower. They disappear into the ether. I start back down the tower.

About half way down the tower, Belle and Aurora turn against me. I sprint down the stairs, yelling for help because these girls went all axe-murderer on me. I get to the bottom of the towering, dash across the field and make it in to the house. I manage to trap both my assailants in closets. David’s two brothers show up–we’ll call them Adam and Philip, because they each went to a closet and removed their respective girlfriends, breaking the towers curse. I knew the curse was broken because both of them appeared in Disney costumes for their respective characters. Belle in the gold dress, Aurora in the pink, but still real people, not cartoons.

No sign of David. I was worried, and then I heard my alarm going off.

The end.

Um, David? Hello?

Um, David? Hello?

…  …


Seriously, Unconscious Mind, what have you done to the dream-love-of-my-life? I was distraught about him going into this tower, and then he jumps off it to help his idiot brothers—seriously, who jumps off a tower waving swords around—and then the losers turn up without him. What in the actual fuck?

David, if you can hear me in there, don’t go back to that tower. Meet me at the house.


In other news, I may be the only one that gets this attached to my own figments of imagination.


2 thoughts on “David the Disappeared

  1. I love a good quest dream, provided that quest isn’t getting all my cats through airport security. But seriously, this is when you race to your computer and finish that story!

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