Smart Girls vs. Glamour magazine

Dear Glamour Magazine,

I saw this in your May 2013 issue and was immediately enraged.



First, Courtney has no need to get over herself anymore than the beautiful ladies on your staff would for claiming that their looks intimidate men. By which I mean to imply, not at all. She is simply making an observation about herself—an observation that stemmed from other people telling her that intelligence intimidates men and she should “play dumb.” I can make this assumption because I was told the exact same thing.

Second, intelligent women rarely go around trying to prove how intelligent they are in casual conversation with strangers. It sort of defeats the purpose, wouldn’t you say? They may flirt more through witty banter than batting of eyelashes, but there isn’t anything wrong with that.

Third, Phoebe should just shut her pie-hole for the moment; she isn’t contributing anything constructive to the discussion.

Fourth, being “too smart” doesn’t make you a lesbian anymore than having a pixie haircut would. I don’t care if Sabrina is joking or not—that’s a ridiculous thing to say.

Fifth, why are you laughing? Maybe it isn’t Courtney. That’s a very real possibility. I resent the implication that being intelligent is a character flaw, as I am sure Courtney does.

Sixth, yes, trying a different venue other than her typical go-to place is an excellent suggestion. The library, as well as bookstores, could be good places to meet people of any kind. However, let’s elaborate on the implication and give Courtney some extra suggestions: take a class, join a club, maybe try online dating if that is your thing. Find something that interests and challenges you and you will likely meet people who match. Work your options, girl.

Seventh: the chess shop? Again, ladies, if you can’t contribute anything constructive to the discussion, don’t say anything. Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

To Courtney, and all the other smart girls out there, I would just like to say, yes. Yes, there is a happy medium. It starts with being proud of your intelligence, proud of your interests, and a willingness to be yourself in spite of poor advice from a fashion magazine. The men that appreciate your wit are out there—it may take some extra effort to find them, but I promise they exist.

Stay smart. Stay strong.

Glamour can suck it,




2 thoughts on “Smart Girls vs. Glamour magazine

  1. Stuff like this exists??? But I have to point out that Courtney might not be that intelligent if she’s asking the chuckleheads at Glamour for advice on anything beyond what shade of lipstick to wear to a funeral.

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