Emergency Duck

I know I’ve been MIA for quite a while here, at least in terms of substantive posts. I promise, I will be back soon with tales of intrigue and adventure and dubious writing advice. Things to look forward to include:

The Tale of Baltimore Comic Con

Renaissance Festival 2013 Part the First

and, The Exercise Routine That Could Possibly Kill Me.

Meanwhile, feast yours eyes on this randomly selected photo!

Hot pink rubber duck. Boom.

Hot pink rubber duck. Boom.


Snow leopard on camera in Kyrgyzstan

Related to my post from yesterday. When I was a kid, I wanted to save the planet. Snow leopards, cheetahs and whales were my personal causes–still are, really. But snow leopards especially. Conservation is so important. Take a minute today and catch up on your childhood causes. We can still save the world.

Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video is called (1/6) Snow Leopard of Pakistan – Beyond the Myth.

From BirdLife:

First snow leopard caught on NABU camera in Kyrgyzstan

Tue, Sep 3, 2013

A stately snow leopard has been caught on one of the 18 cameras recently set up by NABU (BirdLife in Germany) in the Tian Shan mountains, in Kyrgyzstan, one of the species’ last refuges. Nobody knows exactly how many of these endangered cats still live in the wilderness, but experts estimate that there are about 4,080 to 6,590 snow leopards that roam across an enormous area of 2 million square kilometres in Central Asia.

In the mid-1980s, between 1,200 and 1,400 animals still lived in Kyrgyzstan, at that time a large part of the world’s snow leopard population. Today, however, there are only approximately 200 to 300.“Even though there are laws to protect the snow leopard, many animals…

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I am obsessed with snow leopards. This post has nothing to do with anything relevant other than the fact that I am OBSESSED with snow leopards.



So adorably clumsy. My favorite part is when the little one yells at the stick because it had the audacity to fall out of his (or her?) mouth.

Thanks for indulging me. That is all.