Friday Favorite: Adopt-a-Book

As in, you sponsor an aging and degrading manuscript or book to be restored by museum professionals. This is super cool.

And Then She Kissed Him

What happens to rare manuscripts when they become old and begin to fall apart? They get restored! And now you can get in on the action.

From the Goodreads Voice article, 3/3/14:

With the Smithsonian Libraries, home to more than 50,000 rare books, you can select a specific book to “adopt” from the active list of books in need of restoration. Among the items currently up for adoption, you’ll find historic manuscripts from the 1700s and 1800s, and the list is always changing.

Across the pond you can help the Adopt-a-book program at the British Library preserve more than 1,800 works every year.

And Australian book lovers can support rare works in the University of Adelaide’s collection.

Many regional branches also offer adopt-a-book programs, so ask your local librarian for a suggestion!

Tattered Book

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Is Your Subconscious Mind Setting You Up for Failure?

I didn’t realize I had such negative self-talk. Kristen Lamb points out that the brain starts listening at the first active verb, so when I say to myself “I won’t fail this test,” what my brain is hearing is “Fail this test.” Changing your self talk to positive, active verbs can help: “I will pass this test.” Read the rest of Kristen’s blog to see how you are sabatoging your own positivity.

Kristen Lamb's Blog

Image courtesy of Cellar Door Films WANA Commons Image courtesy of Cellar Door Films WANA Commons

In my last post we discussed striving to find balance and giving ourselves permission to be imperfect. This brought about some interesting discussion and I’d like to expound. I confess. Americans are notorious for “shortening” the language.

We use a lot of words as synonyms when, truth be told, they aren’t. Or we have “blanket words” which mask truth, thus prevent us from making progress in life, with relationships, our career or even ourselves.

As writers, we of all people should appreciate the power of words. We have the ability to create entire new worlds that could possibly endure hundreds or thousands of years…all by using various combinations of symbols. Words have creative and destructive power. This is true in non-fiction, fiction and in life.

When I began college, I was on scholarship to become a doctor, thus spent over three years…

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