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This is a nice reminder, as I am frantically overhauling the mythology of my next project and anxiously awaiting responses from publishers for the novella I just sent out. Oy.

Creativity is hard–but so worth it.

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photo 5Last summer, at the Writing Yoga® Retreat that I host with my colleague Stefanie Lipsey, I learned something that some might say, “No, duh!” to, but that I’d kind of forgotten. It was during one of our afternoon yoga sessions, and Stefanie was leading the yoga. She reminded us to focus on what was happening on our own yoga mat. That is to say, it didn’t matter if the person next to me could balance on one foot while wrapping their other foot behind their head, all while humming a satisfying OM to the universe, while I might be struggling to figure out which way to turn my head, where to place my hand, and how my foot happened to get where it is. Yoga isn’t a contest. It’s not a competitive sport. When I focused on what was happening on my own mat, not only was it a much…

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Lightning Fast Update

Months have passed, but I wanted to let you all know I am alive.  The Viking novella was successfully copy edited by a professional and will be submitted for consideration at a publisher in the next week.

I wanted to share that as I was thinking about what to work on next, I was just  shot through with adrenaline and joy. I love that feeling. Have a good weekend!