BOUND is forthcoming!

My hearts, I have made the decision to self-publish my novella, BOUND. And I’ve just launched a description of it on its own blog page, here.

Please check it out. I am currently researching cover art, and once I have a designer locked in, I will start making an official timeline for the release.

Tell your friends! Stay tuned!


Decision 2014

All right. I’ve received the latest feedback from a publisher where I had submitted my Viking novella, Bad Dream Entertainment. Unfortunately, BDE passed on it, but they had some really encouraging feedback, which was to say that my characters appeared fleshed-out and relatable, the story was interesting and I had “a good thing going.”

That’s some pretty stellar feedback for two sample chapters, I would say. The editor encouraged me to continue shopping it around. I took a little while to find some other viable small presses, but couldn’t find one I liked.  The third I had on my initial list appears to be strictly horror, and I don’t think my novella would fit well there.

Full disclosure: As my novella began more as a side project, I had told myself I would shop it around for a bit, and then consider self publishing.

I’m going to take that leap of faith and attempt this self publishing thing.

*cue existential panic*

Many, many thanks to Bad Dream Entertainment and World Weaver Press for taking the time out of their reading schedules to provide awesome feedback with their declines. I highly recommend both places if you’re looking for a home for your book–just be sure to read their submission guidelines carefully, as always. Five of five stars for both places, would submit again.

Be on the look-out for updates, new blog formatting, and possibly a dedicated page (or site) for my forthcoming book. Oh my God, I just said forthcoming book.