Plot Development

The following is a short text exchange between me and my authorial sounding board.

me: I’ve had a diabolical thought

friend: What is that?

me: [REDACTED] may have to die at the end.

friend: Um

me: hahahahaha
do you disagree?

friend: Of course I disagree!
I don’t want him to die!

me: i know.
i don’t want him to die either. this is just one possible ending.

friend: Ok

me: but the diabolical part of me is like “Ha! You readers thought he was safe because i pretended to kill him before, but now he’s actually dead. You oughta see your faces!”
“mwhaha. haha. ha.”
“awwww. Bye, [REDACTED].”

friend: You are so damn mean

me: I AM


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