BOUND Update: Oh God, the red tape

Hello my doves! I just wanted to check in with you all and let you know how the publication schedule is going.

Well. The good news is, it’s still more or less on schedule. BOUND will go live sometime this month. The bad news is I’ve been stuck in a maze made entirely of tax forms.

To publish with Kindle, you must have an Employer Identification Number–for tax reasons–as well as a storm of other forms for use with whatever state you’re publishing from. Let’s not forget the processing time for all of these things, either.  It is a confusing, distressing, and all around unpleasant part of the publication process, but it’s definitely needed.

And when I get it all figured out proper, I hope to write a simplified guide for my fellow first timers. Damn this information is hard to find.

Meanwhile, please enjoy this random, soothing picture:

Autumn on the stream

BOUND is scheduled to arrive June 2015–anytime this month. Still. Unless the IRS sends out ninjas to do me in–at which point, we’ll reassess.


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