Book Release Date & GIVEAWAY

All right, my doves, the time has come. BOUND is being released next week.

I repeat:


Everybody hyperventilate with me.

To be specific, BOUND will be released June 19, 2015, available on Amazon as an e-book. Sorry, folks, no physical copies available this round.

In celebration, I will be having a giveaway countdown starting on Monday, June 15. That’s right, I’ll give away some FREE stuff in a “Reader’s Care Package,” to be raffled off on the release day.

Included in the care package will be a copy of BOUND (aka I’ll email the winner a link to pre-paid download from Amazon), a bookmark, a physical book from one of my favorite authors, an autographed “countdown letter” from the cover reveal countdown, tea and a tea mug.

This is how things will go down. Each weekday next week, I’ll post a preview picture of a care package item with the countdown. On Friday, those that wish to enter the raffle will comment on the final countdown blog post.

To be clear: Comment on the final countdown blog post on Friday–doesn’t matter what you say–to enter the raffle.

If you have a Twitter or Instagram handle, include that in your comment so I can ping you if you win.

If you do NOT have those handles, I will reply to you in the comment thread and let you know you’ve won. I’ll also announce the winner on the blog.

I will pull names from the comment list, stuff them in a hat, shake it around, and pull someone at random to be the winner.

Sound good? Everyone following along? Excellent. I’ll reiterate the rules in each countdown post just in case.


::dissolves in a cascade of glitter::


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