Wibbly-Wobbly Story Development

All right, my hearts, it’s time for a writing update. I’m developing a new fantasy series, but it’s going rather strangely. I keep getting ideas fits and snatches, and from different parts of the series.

Allow me to explain. I have the trilogy mapped out extremely loosely. I know the cast of central characters, their motivations and relationships, and the general flow of the plot over three books. But the details keep coming in scrambled. I’ll get a scene here, and snatch of dialogue there. I have short stories fermenting that have nothing to do with the central plot, but are key to the world building of the series.

Does this happen to anyone else? Where your creative juices go full Dr Who and timey-wimey themselves into oblivion?

I mean, it’s a fun time, don’t get me wrong. I just wrote out an opening scene for the third book, and it’s beautiful, if I do say so myself. (For my two extreme beta readers: NO SPOILERS!) It may change later, of course, but I am happy with it at the moment. I would just really like some linear writing to happen. It’ll help in the long run.

I also have this fable that I am about 1,000 words from finishing that I hope to release in support of this series. Would anyone be interested in a fable about a fox? I am excited about it, at the very least.

Anyway, I just wanted to check in with you all. Happy plotting, everyone!



3 thoughts on “Wibbly-Wobbly Story Development

  1. I get snatches and things like that all the time from the series I’m writing, it just depends on who feels like speaking that day I guess, or who is responding to the music I’m listening to. I listen and take notes but I try to not actually start writing the story until I get there order-wise otherwise I won’t ever finish anything lol. 😀

    • See, I would love to be able to just write notes and then put them all in order later. If I try REALLY hard, I can. But most of the time whatever’s in my head just pushes out all at once and is like SCREW YOUR LOGIC HAMES WE’RE HAVING IT OUR WAY.

      My characters are very bossy.

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