To My Fellow Bleeding-Hearts

Today was a rough day for some of us. While I respect my fellow citizens for voting for Mr. Trump–they are, after all, only doing what they feel is right–I can’t say that I understand it. I’m sure they would say the same thing about my vote for Hillary.

Yes, I voted for Hillary despite her multitude of political sins–I voted for Hillary because I knew my preferred third party candidate selection stood no chance, and I wanted to do my best to stop a candidate I felt was a bad choice.

I voted for Hillary because I genuinely saw some good in her, her policies, and her message. When I read the results this morning, I was devastated.

That was a feeling I had never experience during an election cycle. I am still reeling myself, but I wanted to write to you all about this thing that is on my mind.

Hate, it appears, has taken root. So it appears. But, I want to remind you that the fight has just begun.

This Cracked article tells us not to panic; it discusses all the progressive policies that we’ve put into place and how those policies are widely accepted across the country. It is also a call to action and shares what we can do in the coming days. Go check it out.

On a related note, this article from Buzzfeed about six historic firsts for women in this election cycle. Read it.

Here’s a Jezebel article listing all the progressive organizations that need your support–it’s a big list, there’s a cause for everyone. Act.

Remember (that Cracked article reminded me), midterm elections are two years away. Get to know your candidates and issues now. Get involved with local and state elections now. Here’s a good place to start:

But most importantly, especially in the immediate days ahead, we have to continue to keep doing good. Reach out to your friends and family, even strangers, and let them know you are there to help. Tell that guy making racist jokes he isn’t funny. Sit with the woman on the train in a hijab and have a friendly conversation. Tell your black friends their lives matter. Be a voice for the unheard (looking at you, fellow writers, storytelling is our microphone). Be a light in the darkness.

It is imperative that we are staunch allies and safe spaces for those who will need it most.

It is essential that we defend the humanity of others–yes, even that guy.

Our fight has just begun.

Let love be the revolution.


Special thanks to Becca, Patrick, Andrea, and Jennifer for posting the above links on the Book of Faces for me to find. I looked for my helpers, and there they were.