Live a Life of Discovery

I want to live a life of art, discovery, and in-depth, no pressure learning. I want to learn about werid shit, discuss wild scientific theories, and analyze the facts that typical schooling keeps from us–by accident or design, it doesn’t matter–so I can experience the world in as many ways as possible. 

My writing helps with that; it makes me research things I never would have before. But I think I learn the most from other people and their recommendations. 

For example, a former teacher posted this article about Seneca Village, an African American community razed to make way for Central Park, and I was astounded.

What weird and awesome facts do you all know? Share them here.


Update 2017!

Well, it’s been quite a while. Life became a bit overwhelming, what with the election, and then the holidays, and then….stuff. You know how it goes. Here’s a general dump update, in no particular order:

– The president continues to be, uh, himself, and the resistance goes on. Compassion fatigue is a real thing that can be actively used against us–remember to take breaks from the news cycle, and social media, and that crazy relative. Unplug for a while. Then, come back in swinging. Can’t make to a protest march for whatever reason? Don’t feel guilty, you can help in other ways: support folks you know are going, spread the word, donate to that march or similar cause, amplify the voices of others. 

– The holidays were lovely, thanks for asking. 😊 I hope your were lovely, too. 

– Work has stalled on my trilogy project. I keep trying to start up again, but get tangled up in other short term projects, and writing exercises, and home repairs. My heat went out last month on the same day cosmetic drywall repairs and painting were happening–it was a regular party in the house. Phew.

– “The Campaign” is an unsustainable side project right now, so I will be taking that page down. But maybe in the future, I’ll post it again. 

– I am beginning to build my freelance writing and editing portfolio. The hustle lives! If you need editorial services, check back in a couple weeks, I should have a better contact system set up.

I think that’s it for right now. Have a good week, my hearts! 

“Sheperd Book used to tell me if you can’t do something smart, do something right.”– Jayne Cobb.