1,000 Words: Shells

Every single one of these shells has a story to tell. Each one is a memory. They clutter up my house like stories clutter up my mind, each one precious, each one inspiration. 


1,000 Words XII: Beach Cat

Beach Cat



This little dude wandered up to the beach house I was staying in at Holden Beach, N.C., one year right after a rain storm cleared out. He was a stray, just house-hopping, getting some love and maybe possibly food where he could. It was the first and the last time we saw him that week. Like a little furry ghost. He epitomized the beach-aura, though. Laid back, friendly, scruffy–a tad sunburned around the ears.

I miss that feeling in my life (aside from the sunburn part. I do not miss sunburns, ever.) Are you all missing any particular feeling in your life? Relaxation? Or maybe urgency? Stimulation? Or would you rather be slightly bored? Let me know.

1,000 Words XI: The Alter-Ego

Evil Me

Evil Me

I recently started watching ABC’s “Once Upon a Time,” which is quite an excellent show. Part of the show’s theme is exploring the dichotomy of its characters, specifically the villains. What makes a villain a villain? Are villains evil in all ways at all times–or, because they were once not villains, is there still some shred of good floating around in their shriveled up husk of a soul?

Can they be redeemed?

I really enjoy this particular exploration. As I’ve said before, I have a special place in my heart for the baddies. Part of it’s because I operate on the theory that we all start as something different. It’s interesting to consider that maybe some of our favorite heroes actually started out as villains. Can you imagine? Characters you know and trust, characters you feel incapable of harming others, could once have been merciless killers.

That would be a neat device to shake up your story, the good guys having started out as something bad. Evil is a matter of perspective.

1,000 Words X: Yarn

Homespun yarn from Williamsburg, Va.

Homespun yarn from Williamsburg, Va.

I love this picture for no other reason than the color and texture. But, lately, I haven’t been writing much or paying attention to submitting completed projects and this picture reminds me of my kid’s fairy tale manuscript. It’s working title is WORDPSINNER WORDSPINNER. It’s full of color and whimsy, like this picture. It reminds me of happy things.

Do you have nay pictures that remind you of happy things, that aren’t necessarily related to those things?